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Tri-Valley Freestyle Tournament Results


Written by: League Administrator
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Below are the individual results from the Tri-Valley tournament. Congratulations to all of our medal winners and to every one of our wrestlers that participated in the tournament!!!!!

Pre-Bantam-45B - Heidi Newland's place is 1st.
Bantam-40 - Cameron Nix's place is 3rd.
Bantam-45A - Chandler Jasper's place is 2nd.
Bantam-50B - Niles Williams's place is 3rd.
Bantam-55A - Avery Bell's place is 3rd.
Bantam-55B - Damon Fichtner's place is 3rd.
Bantam-60B - Hunter Hayes's place is 2nd.
Bantam-65B - Isaac Sironen's place is 1st.
Bantam-70 - Luke Reaves's place is 2nd.
Bantam-75+ - Bryce Thompson's place is 1st.
Bantam-75+ - Amos Bartlett's place is 3rd.
Intermediate-80A - Isaak Bell's place is 3rd.
Intermediate-80B - Tristan Wake's place is 3rd.
Novice-70 - Dillon Simpson's place is 2nd.
Novice-80A - Alex Spangler's place is 1st.
Novice-80B - Cody Pickworth's place is 3rd.
Novice.-105 - Mason Fichtner's place is 3rd.
Novice.-112 - Gavin Cole's place is unknown.
School Boy/Girl-91B - Bryan Mckimson's place is 3rd.
School Boy/Girl-105A - Shannon Carpenter's place is 1st.
School Boy/Girl-105B - D.j. Morrow's place is 1st.
School Boy/Girl-112A - Erin Fichtner's place is 3rd.
School Boy/Girl-128B - Edward Hanousek's place is 3rd.
Cadet-119 - Nathaniel Mckimson's place is 1st.
Cadet-130 - Bryce Nunally's place is 2nd.
Cadet-140 - Micheal Williams's place is 3rd.
Cadet-160A - Simon Root's place is 1st.
Cadet-189 - Dillin Wiggins's place is 2nd.
Cadet-285 - Austine Gonzalez's place is 1st.
Junior-130 - Rachael Shannon's place is 2nd.
Junior-171 - Jaime Kaalakea's place is 3rd.

Wrestlers.remember to thank your parents, family and friends for the support theyve provided to you during the last couple of months and the support yet to come over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you one and all for an outstanding weekend of wrestling.

Mike Adams
Wrestle to win; dont wrestle to not lose. There is a difference.

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